Wedding Type
Legal Wedding
Bali Legal Wedding In Bali, a legal wedding will be legitimated by a Government Registry Office. The wedding starts by conducting a religious ceremony first and continue with the legal proceeding that is recognized by a representative from the Government Registry Office. Every wedding held in Bali should be registered through this government institution to ensure that it is legally binding... view more
Religious Wedding
Bali Religion Wedding Organizer We arrange all the details of religious wedding ceremony your desire. Whether you are followers of any of the five faiths that are officially recognized throughout Indonesia, Islam, Christian-Protestant, Christian-Catholic, Budha and Hindu, we will provide the appropriate Priest to officiate the ceremony... view more
Commitment Wedding
Bali Commitment Wedding Planner A commitment wedding can be conducted without any legal or religious notification. On the ceremony, the couple announces their vows of commitment. An English speaking Celebrant can be provided by request. After the ceremony, the couple will receive a Certificate of Commitment issued by the Celebrant... view more
Bali Traditional Wedding
Bali Traditional Wedding Balinese traditional wedding is religious procession that Balinese people do for their wedding. No documents needed and no certificate will showing after the ceremony but all the procession will be in real Balinese wedding procession. Wedding couple will be dressed in Balinese costume & the ambience will be fully in Balinese traditional decoration... view more