Wedding Cake
Bali Wedding Organizer

A wedding cake is not a neccesity in a wedding.
You can have it or not have it. But a wedding cake is a symbol of a marriage and a reflection of the couple's happiness & togetherness. It also a risky business, since some couples had 'not-so-good' experience with wedding cake.

Thanks to us, You have nothing to worry about. We have wedding cake professionals & cake decorators to meet your desire. Whether you want a traditional or modern wedding cake, we can find which one suitable to your taste. You’ll find variety of styles of cake. The classic white cake, gorgeous floral cake or even amazing unique wedding cake topper.
Small, medium, large, from single layer to 5 layers, we're perfectly able to make it for you.

Just feel  free to consult your wedding with Classicku Bali Weddding