Classic Services
Wedding Concept
Bali Wedding Concept Classicku offers a sophisticated service & limitless ideas for wedding concept and wedding planner. Yes, our specialty is at classic wedding, but it doesn’t stop us to make your wedding dream comes true. Tell us what you want, what is your dream of a wedding, how luxurious it can be, how on budget it should be. We manage it for you, customize it, so it will meet all your wishes... view more
Bali Honeymoon Wedding There are so many reasons why Bali turns up as one of the top list destinations for haneymooners. For one thing, once you get outside crowded, touristy Kuta, it's absolutely beautiful. Serene. And absolutely romantic... view more
Wedding Bouquet
Bali Wedding Bouquet A bouquet is a symbol  the joy and beauty that brings to a wedding, especially for the bride.
The type, color, scent of the flower and theme of wedding bouquet comes in many variety,  and today it even comes much more relaxed and accommodating for the brides' style... view more
Bali Wedding Catering Food tends to be one of the most remembered details of a wedding. That is why we at Classicku take catering matter very seriously. We have selected professional top notch catering vendors in Bali and we will assist you to find reputable caterer that meet your requirement... view more
Bali Wedding Decoration Our team has hundreds of unique wedding decorations. One-of-a-kind and inspirational products to decorate an event to remember. With thousands of wedding supplies form aisle runners, lights, floral arrangement, centerpiece vases, chandeliers and many more. We are constantly adding new wedding and reception supplies as well as decoration ideas to add style and elegance at your wedding... view more
Bali Wedding Entertainment From the Bali wedding professional ceremony to the cocktail party to the final dance at your wedding reception, the wedding entertainment you have on your wedding day can create the perfect atmosphere for your one-of-a-kind, memorable event. An entertainment also unites you and all your guests to  enjoy the moment. That is why we consider it to every little detail, we even make you the perfect playlist that you'll love... view more
Hair Do and Make Up
Bali Wedding Hair Do and Make Up Our professional bridal hair stylist & makeup artist will turn you into the most beautiful person you can be. We also will assist you to find the reputable & certified hair stylist & makeup artist that you comfortable with & able to deliver your desired look for the most important day of your life... view more
Wedding Gown
Bali Wedding Gown Classicku carries large selection of wedding gown. We understand your individuality, your keen of style & vision of perfection. No need to worry, Classicku is with you every step of the way until you find the perfect dress... view more
Photography & Video
Bali Wedding Photography & Video Wedding day is a very important moment of your life. Every smile, every kiss, every celebratory hug are something you want to cherish forever. Through our photo & videographer vendor, you can have those memorable moments, because we won’t let every stunning moment just gone by.  You can select the photography features that meet your requirement with affordable packages... view more
Bali Wedding Souvenir Wedding souvenirs are a great way to thank your guests and leave them with a reminder of your special day for years to come. Show your appreciation with simple and elegant wedding souvenirs. We have many to choose from and we're sure you will find wedding souvenirs to fit your decor, theme, or style... view more
Wedding Cake
Bali Wedding Cake A wedding cake is not a neccesity in a wedding.
You can have it or not have it. But a wedding cake is a symbol of a marriage and a reflection of the couple's happiness & togetherness. It also a risky business, since some couples had 'not-so-good' experience with wedding cake... view more